The TULIP Award

Growing alongside daisies are tulips, and as such our Clinical Staff work hand-in-hand with other team members at TVHC in providing exceptional care to patients.

That’s why Teton Valley Health Care recognizes Clinical Staff through a similar honor called the TULIP Award. Any of our Clinical Staff at Teton Valley Health Care can be nominated for the TULIP Award. Just like the DAISY Award, nominations can be submitted by patients, families, and colleagues. Recipients will be chosen by a committee at Teton Valley Health Care and will be honored with the TULIP Award throughout the year.

The TULIP Award is given in conjunction with the DAISY Award, the BEE Award, the HELPING HANDS Award, and the SUMMIT Award. If you wish to nominate a Teton Valley Health Care Staff Member, please do so by clicking here.

Complete this form to share your story of how a nurse made a difference in your care or that of someone you know:

Example Story:

“Our 88 year old mother was a patient for 2 weeks. Mom was on a roller coaster, we never knew what to expect. Everything was new and frightening to us as we watched her struggle to live. Through it all, Tami was there, working tirelessly, diligently, helping Mom and us understand issues and ramifications. She patiently explained things to us, sometimes more than once, until we got it. Of utmost importance to her was Mom’s comfort. Tami was also concerned-expressed repeatedly-about each of us, Mom’s family, as we went through our own emotional and exhausting roller coaster rides. We looked forward each day to seeing Tami. She obviously cared deeply for Mom. Tami became like family to us. I wanted to hug her hello and goodbye. Everyday her knowledge and skills were evident. Such as, for 1 tiny example, the day 02 saturation was dropping, chest tubes were in, Tami analyzed the best position to put mom into with those tubes in order to maximize 02 saturation. It worked. Tami’s tireless, devoted, and skilled passion for our mother’s well being made a huge impression on us. She stood out as a nurse willing and able to go beyond the normal call of duty.”