Useful Tips


Your resume is the most important document on your employment application. Make it easy for us to get a feel for your experience and qualifications. A crisp, well-written resume for the right position is the secret to an interview invitation. You are welcome to review the following tips on Indeed when creating a resume.

For some common advice on how to clean up your resume, feel free to view the Indeed video below.

Phone Screening

During the phone screening, we might clarify any questions we have about your application and make sure you meet the basic requirements of the position. The phone screen could take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. For helpful tips on phone screens, view the Indeed video below.


Congratulations! You have now passed through our screening and we would like to meet you. This is your opportunity to show us you are going to be a valuable asset to our company and help us achieve our goals. It is important that you are well prepared. Here are some tips on Indeed. You will be asked a number of questions during your interview, some of which will be behavioral. We are interested in examples and details of real situations you encountered. One of the best ways to answer these is by using the STAR method.  Remember, we are interviewing you for a reason and we want you to do well. Practice makes perfect. You can find sample questions and tips on Indeed and dive into the STAR method for behavioral interviewing in the video below.

Ask Questions

At the conclusion of your interview, you will have the opportunity to ask us questions. By asking us questions, you show interest, commitment, and curiosity. Asking the right questions may leave a great impression on the hiring manager and others invited to interview you.