Healthcare changes constantly

From new technology and techniques in patient care, improvements directly impact the quality of care we provide for our community. TVH Giving makes strategic decisions on how best to develop and use donations in order to support our mission and vision. 

What we have done with your generosity:

Major Equipment Purchases

From major donations to annual fund contributions, TVH was able to enchance our facilities and care given by purchasing these large equipment pieces:

  • Industrial Washer for linens, $5,000
  • Laboratory Specimen Refrigerator, $6,000
  • Emergency Room HVAC System, $45,010
  • Flooring Replacement for Driggs Clinic, $74,000
  • Air Conditioning System for IT Server, $32,000
  • Ultrasound and Echocardiogram, $74,994
  • Anesthesia Machine, $65,588
  • C-Arm, $100,000 generously donated by John and Jeanine Cushman

Patients Served through Programs Offered

Telehealth Services

Breast Health and Free Mammograms

Concussion Program

Chronic Care Management Program

Increased Patient Satisfaction

In order to know if your donations are making an impact, we make it a priority to report on patient satisfaction annually. If our patients are satisfied, then it confirms we are using our funding from donors in the best way possible. These statistics come from patient surveys via mail, email or online patient portal responses. Patient feedback is also our yardstick for improvement, and we are proud that satisfaction percentages increase across the board each year. All patient surveys are reviewed, and responses guide how we encourage and support a healthier community.