Teton Valley Health Care Sponsorships

Whenever possible, Teton Valley Health Care will offer fiscal sponsorship of events and organizations that directly contribute to the overall wellness of our community including support for mental health services, community education and training, sports and recreation, and youth education.

Our fiscal-year sponsorships totaled $26,300 and were given to the following organizations and programs:


Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation


Teton Valley Foundation

$550 & $2,500

Innova Systems

$350 & $850

Teton Regional Land Trust


Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition


Community Foundation of Teton Valley

$5,000 in matching grant

Teton Gymnastics


Distinguished Young Women


Jackson Hole Youth Baseball


Teton Valley Baseball Softball Association


Teton County Fair Board


Family Safety Network


Teton Valley Regional Economic Council


Teton County Idaho Search and Rescue


Teton Valley Trails and Pathways


Teton Valley Community Recycling


Teton Valley Balloon Festival


Teton Valley Education Foundation


Teton Valley Scrappers Junior Jazz


Seniors West of the Tetons


Teton Adaptive Sports


Teton Valley Rodeo Club


City Of Driggs – Fourth of July


Fiscal year 2016 total: $26,300

Apply for your organization

Organizations asking for TVHC event sponsorships are required to fill out a sponsorship application form and detail how their event fits into our above Sponsor Mission Statement. Filling out an application does not guarantee TVHC sponsorship. All applications will be evaluated based on their ability to prove their event contributes to community wellness  and according to TVHC budget guidelines. Contact Ann Loyola, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, at aloyola@tvhcare.org or (208) 354-6301.