Return home healthier and stronger

 What is Skilled Nursing Care?

Teton Valley Health Care’s Swing Bed Program offers post-acute patients full-time skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services prior to being discharged home or to a long term care facility. This Includes, but Is not limited to, wound care, respiratory support and physical conditioning.

Common Diagnoses leading to this type of care:

• Stroke
• Pneumonia
• Cardiac Conditions
• Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Infections
• Fall Injuries

Program Requirements:

• Three-day qualifying Inpatient hospital stay
• Dally skilled nursing care requirement
• Regular improvement for rehabilitation patients
• Cooperation and participation in prescribed therapies

Why Teton Valley Hospital?

• Evidence shows Improved patient healing and outcomes with post-acute skilled care and rehabilitation prior to   discharge.
• Receive the advanced care you would at a large facility In a small, proficient and quiet hospital
• Excellent patient to licensed nurse ratio: 2-3:1
• Closer to home for Teton Valley residents and convenient for family members: 70 miles to Idaho Falls, 48 miles to     Rexburg and 33 miles to Jackson, Wyoming.
• 24hr provider coverage, medical Imaging & laboratory.
• Occupational, speech and physical therapies.
• On-site dietary evaluation and education with individualized meal plans.
• Flexible visiting hours and a comfortable quiet environment for healing.
• Follow-up care Is planned and scheduled to reduce stress on the patient and family before discharge.

How long does a patient need Skilled Nursing Care?

1-2 weeks Is a typical stay before discharge to home or another living situation. Treatment Is Individualized and length of stay depends on a patient’s Improvement of physical ability.

How much does it cost?

Skilled Nursing Care and Swing Bed are typically covered by Medicare Part A and many other private Insurances. Ask our financial counselor about coverage details.