I would like to introduce you to a program at Teton Valley Health that you may not have heard about.  It is called our Swing Bed Program.  We as a small rural hospital can provide a service to our community that larger facilities in Idaho cannot offer.  Our Swing Bed program is designed to provide our patients skilled nursing care after a hospital stay for surgery or illness.  If you are hospitalized for a period of three nights  and, are not ready or able to transition home safely, Teton Valley Health Swing Bed Program is just for you. 
We offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech therapy services to assure our patients reach their target activity level and can return home safely.   Safety at home is our priority, our therapists will work with you as you transition to the home setting.
As a patient in our Swing Bed Program you will be cared for by our experienced, professional nursing staff.  We can offer nurse to patient ratios that are not seen in many other facilities throughout Idaho.  Once you are home, our nursing staff will visit you in your home to assure you are safe and answer questions you may have. 
We want to keep our community healthy and safe so should you need that extra level of care after hospitalization, inquire about the Teton Valley Health Swing Bed Program and, know we are here for you.  

For additional information please call 208.354.6317 ext 111

Terri Brandt Correia BSN RN CNOR MBA,  Chief Nursing Officer


Patient Testimonial:


Return home healthier and stronger

After an accident, surgery, or illness, patients often need help transitioning from the hospital to their home.  Hospital care is expensive and intended for those who need a high level of medical attention. Hospitals will discharge you from being an inpatient if you no longer need to be there for your care. But this may not mean that you are fully healed or recovered.

Teton Valley Health can support patients who need assistance transitioning between inpatient hospital care and being at home.  That transitional care will assist you in:

• Regaining the strength and mobility to return to your home
• Learning how to perform basic functions while you are healing (e.g., how to bath with a cast on)
• Preparing your home for your return

Common conditions that can lead to the need for such care are:

• Recovering from a stroke
• Recovering from pneumonia or other respiratory ailments
• Worsening cardiac conditions
• Rehabilitation after surgery
• Recovering from a fall
• Recovering your strength after a prolonged hospital stay

If you have insurance, Medicare Part A and other insurances will typically pay for the majority of such transitional care.  Our financial counselors can help you understand your coverage options.  There are several requirements that patients must meet to qualify:

• Three or more days as an inpatient
• The continued need for skilled nursing care
• The establishment of rehabilitation goals and the patient’s agreement to work towards those goals

Typical patient stays are 1-2 weeks, but every case is unique and we build the rehabilitation goals to make sure you are ready to transition to home (or other living situations).

Why TVH?

Teton Valley Health offers close to home care for our residents.  In addition, we are able to provide more nursing resources than most other care facilities (we typically average one nurse for every 1 to 2 swing bed patients) – so you get more care.  And evidence demonstrates that you heal faster and better with skilled care and rehabilitation programs than you can improve on your own.  We also offer the full hospital resources if they are needed.  From 7×24 emergency room, 7×24 on site medical providers, to in-house lab and radiology services, we can provide most of the services you might need – without having to leave our building.  We provide occupational, physical, and speech therapies as well as nutritional services.  And at the end of your stay we work with you to plan for your discharge – making sure you are ready, arranging for home health if needed, and working with your caregiver or family as appropriate.

How do I Learn More?

Skilled Nursing Care and Swing Bed are typically covered by Medicare Part A and many other private Insurances. Ask our financial counselor about coverage details.

For a patient referral: 208.354.6317 ext 111 fax 208.354.6318