Quality Cancer Care Is Closer Than You Think

No words are more dreaded by patients and physicians alike than being told you have cancer. We are dedicated to detecting cancer early, and helping our patients fight it through advanced therapies and proven cancer treatments. We know the moment you’re diagnosed with cancer is actually the beginning, and one best led by decades of experience and compassion. From early detection to treatments including genetic tracking, chemotherapy, and surgery as well as treatment planning and palliative care, the Oncology Team at Teton Valley Health can provide individualized support and medically-advanced care.

TeleOncology Services

Our Oncology Team at Teton Valley Health is made possible in part through TeleOncology from Intermountain Healthcare. While some parts of cancer treatment must be done in person, telehealth for oncology services can be used for many things. Through TeleOncology at Teton Valley Health, patients are able to meet with a highly trained specialist to evaluate individual needs, consult on treatments and follow-up options, triage for elective procedures, and more.

  • Specialist Consultations – You can have a referral appointment or consultation with a specialist.
  • Discuss treatments – You can learn about treatment options.
  • Prescription services – You can ask for a new prescription or have a current prescription filled.
  • Reduced need to travel – You can have certain problems monitored without having to travel long distances or have a face-to-face visit.
  • Treatment monitoring – Your doctor can monitor any side effects from cancer treatment.

TeleOncology brings nationally recognized cancer care from Intermountain Healthcare right here to the valley, allowing patients to stay closer to home and family, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Through our comprehensive team approach, advanced technology, and individualized cancer care, we are committed to helping our patients get well, live well, and stay well. As a result, we provide all cancer patients a local nurse navigator to work in concert with the specialists at Intermountain Healthcare to help guide a patient and their families through treatment plans and quality of life goals.

Our world-class physicians and caregivers apply a variety of advanced methods and therapies to reduce and remove cancer cells. Care plans involve individualized treatments based on your cancer type, stage, and location of the cancer, and other considerations.

Finding Cancer When It Starts

Early detection is critical to catching and treating different kinds of cancer. Through screenings, biopsies, and clinical exams, our Oncology Team can better watch for and monitor any risks. Talk to your provider about how often you should receive a mammogram, colonoscopy, skin exam, or prostate exam. Among the screening tools available at Teton Valley Health, we offer:

  • Lung Cancer Screenings
  • Prostrate Screenings
  • Skin Exams
  • Biopsies
  • Clinical Breast Exams
  • Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Conditions Treated and Services Provided

If cancer is detected through a screening or exam, Teton Valley Health’s expert Oncology Team will determine a cancer care plan that fits your individual needs and type of cancer. We employ a variety of effective treatment options including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, precision cancer care, and surgery to get you cancer-free and living well.

The following is an overview of the range of treatments available through Teton Valley Health. You may not need all of these treatments depending on your unique case, so talk with your provider and care team about these options. You should never hesitate to speak up, ask questions, or request a second opinion — it’s our job to listen and inform. You are an important part of your own care team.

Bone Marrow Transplant – Bone marrow transplantation involves the replacement of stem cells from bone marrow following a high dose of chemotherapy and radiation. Bone marrow transplantation has been proven to help with many cancer-related illnesses and some autoimmune diseases, such as leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and aplastic anemia.

Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy may be used as the primary treatment to stop cancer cells from dividing or growing. It can also be used to help shrink a tumor prior to surgery or radiation treatment, or to destroy any small groups of cells that may remain following surgery.

Immunotherapy – Immunotherapy stimulates the immune system to help fight cancer. Cancer immunotherapy may be an effective option for patients with certain types of cancer including melanoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, kidney, lung, bladder, and head and neck cancers.

Radiation Therapy – Sometimes radiation therapy is the only treatment a patient needs. At other times, it is only one part of a patient’s treatment. Radiation therapy can also be used in advanced cancer to shrink the tumor. This helps alleviate symptoms caused by the cancer. Radiation therapy is also used in advanced cancers to shrink the tumor and alleviate pain.

Surgery – Cancer surgery works to remove cancerous cells from the body, so the cancer cannot continue to spread. Depending on where the surgery is done on your body, you may have local or regional anesthesia that numbs a certain part of your body, or general anesthesia that puts you into a deep sleep.

Targeted Therapy – Cancer cells typically have mutations that make them different from normal cells. If the cancer cells have a particular mutation, then doctors can use drugs that “target” them and block the messages being sent that cause the cancer cells to divide.

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