Teton Valley Health’s Emergency Services

Open all hours 365 days per year. We are here for all of your emergency needs.

Teton Valley Hospital Emergency Room
120 East Howard Street
Driggs, ID 83422
(208) 354-2383 

Teton Valley Hospital is a designated Level IV Trauma Center, and is state-certified as a STEMI II and Stroke III emergency care provider through the Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency (TSE) System. This designation is reserved for hospitals that meet the stringent criteria established by the state of Idaho as part of the statewide TSE system of care that includes three of the top 5 causes of death in Idaho: trauma, stroke, and heart attack (STEMI).

Teton Valley Hospital Emergency Services

Teton Valley Hospital’s Emergency Room is a designated Level IV Trauma Center, and is state-certified as a STEMI II and Stroke III emergency care provider through the Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency (TSE) System.

Level IV Trauma Center

As a Level IV Trauma Center, the Teton Valley Hospital Emergency Room has demonstrated our ability to provide advanced trauma life support delivering the appropriate evaluation, stabilization, and diagnostic services you need when emergencies happen.

State-Certified STEMI II & Stroke III Emergency Care

Teton Valley Hospital has been designated as a Level II STEMI Center and Level III Stroke Center by the State of Idaho. These designations are part of the Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency (TSE) System and are given to hospitals that meet the stringent criteria the state has as part of the statewide TSE system of care for three of the top five causes of death in Idaho: trauma, stroke, and heart attack (STEMI).

What To Expect When You Visit TVH’s Emergency Room

If you are brought by car, the person who brings you will drive up to the emergency entrance and come inside. If necessary, someone will come out to help you. When you arrive by ambulance, you’ll be brought inside from the ambulance.

The Teton Valley Health Emergency Room trauma team responds as quickly as possible to all adult and pediatric trauma patients. The time it takes to be seen depends on the number of patients in the emergency room and the level of care each person requires.

You may notice others being seen before you. Don’t worry – we operate several specialty areas simultaneously, so we can better treat people for everything from minor care and pediatrics to broken bones and cardiac and behavioral health.


We’ll ask you, or the person who comes with you, a series of questions to determine why you’re here. This ensures we treat the most serious conditions first.

We might ask about your medical history, allergies and any medications you’re on. We may also perform a brief exam.


You, or the person who brought you, will provide basic information, like name, address, personal information and any medical insurance coverage.

You’ll be asked to sign a consent form to authorize appropriate medical treatment. We require consent from a parent or legal guardian for children.


One of our emergency medicine staff will examine you. They may order additional tests, consultations, and procedures. To get answers as quickly as possible, our lab and medical imaging services are available at all times.

In addition, we’ve established partnerships with Intermountain Healthcare and Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Patients experiencing stroke, burns, infectious diseases, mental health crises, and other situations may see specialists at one of those locations using our TeleHealth video conferencing.


Based on your condition, you may be discharged from the emergency room, admitted to the hospital, or referred to another doctor for follow-up.

You’ll get written important instructions before you leave the emergency room. We’ll take the time to explain them and answer any questions you have. Once you’re discharged, you’ll want to follow-up with your primary care doctor or schedule an appointment with specialists. We can refer you to appropriate physicians for follow-up care if needed.

When An Emergency Happens, There Are No Safer Hands Than At Teton Valley Hospital

The first hour of care a patient receives during an emergency is the most important. We pride ourselves in providing the care a patient needs during a crisis, while also ensuring their comfort and privacy.

Experts in Emergency Care and Compassion

Our Emergency Department Team has extensive training in emergency services in critical access and rural environments. Our team is here around the clock to diagnose, manage, and treat acute and critical illnesses and injuries—from heart attack and stroke to lacerations and sprains.

Our Emergency Department Providers are also each certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

No matter the severity of your need, Teton Valley Health’s Emergency Department is prepared to respond with highly trained professionals to provide immediate care and assess how to get the best results for all patients.

Teton Valley Hospital
120 East Howard Avenue
Driggs, ID 83422
(208) 354-2383

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