Teton Valley Health Care Welcomes General Surgeon, Dr. Luke Martin 

Luke Martin, MD, FACS  is board certified in general and colon and rectal surgery. He comes to Teton Valley Health after several years in busy academic practice at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and the University of Utah Hospital.

His clinical practice includes a broad scope of general and colon and rectal surgical problems, such as hernia repair, gallbladder removal, vascular access, gastrointestinal cancers, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, upper and lower endoscopy, and removal of skin and soft tissue lesions. He has a particular interest in the use of minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.

Dr. Martin Speaks to Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

The Importance of Screening & Prevention

As we observe Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month each March. It’s crucial to highlight the significance of screening and prevention in combating this disease. Colorectal cancer ranks among the most prevalent cancers worldwide, but with early detection and proactive measures, its impact can be significantly reduced.

Screening serves as a vital tool in identifying colorectal cancer at its earliest stages when treatment is most effective. Options such as colonoscopies and stool-based tests enable healthcare professionals to detect precancerous growths or cancer itself, allowing for timely intervention and improved outcomes. It’s imperative for individuals starting at age 45 to prioritize regular screenings as part of their healthcare routine.

Prevention plays an equally crucial role in the fight against colorectal cancer. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet rich in fiber and low in processed foods, along with regular exercise, can lower the risk of developing the disease. Additionally, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption contributes to overall well-being and reduces colorectal cancer risk.

This Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, let’s spread the message of the importance of screening and prevention. By raising awareness and encouraging proactive healthcare practices, we can work together to save lives and reduce the burden of colorectal cancer in our communities.

Teton Valley Health offers convenient, open access scheduling for screening and surveillance colonoscopies with board certified Colon and Rectal Surgeons, Dr. Luke Martin & Dr. Tae Kim. 

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