We’ve been impressed by the outstanding medical staff
and level of diagnostic technology offered at Teton Valley Hospital.

We’re happy that through our affiliation we can expand on existing capabilities through telemedicine services.

Tad Morley, MHA, FACHE

Executive director, Business and Network Development, University of Utah Hospital & Clinics


Vascular neurologists from UUHC are available around the clock for emergency consultations with Teton Valley Hospital medical providers to help diagnose and suggest treatment for strokes.

Consultations occur with the help of TVH’s robot, Dr. Responder, a portable medical unit that shares high resolution imaging of the patient for off-site specialists and also allows the patient to see and speak with the physician.


Burn specialists from UUHC can view patients’ injuries with the help of our medical robot.

The robot offers highly magnified imagery, transmitted in real-time to the UUHC physicians. Local emergency staff work with UUHC to discuss treatment and recovery planning for the injury.

Patients and their families are also able to have a conversation with the specialist throughout the course of the exam.