About your stay

Visitor Information

Visiting hours
Visiting hours are dependent on the patient’s condition and at the discretion of the on duty nurse.

Food is provided for the patient by the Dietary Department based on the physician’s orders. Visitors may take their meals into patient rooms; however, we request that all items discarded (wrappers, leftovers, etc.) be removed from the patients room. If you desire to have a meal while visiting family, you may make your request at the nurses station and they will be happy to order it for you. A small fee is collected.

Waiting areas
Waiting areas are located by the receptionist station at North entrance. Check with a nurse regarding more private areas.

Going home
 Your physician will coordinate with the healthcare team and you to determine when you are ready to be discharged. Your nurse will assist you in gathering your belongings and check to make sure you return home with all items that you had upon arrival at the hospital. Wheelchair transportation is available to any department within the hospital and to your car.



A responsible adult needs to be available to provide transportation to your home. If this is not possible, Teton Valley Hospital will make every effort to help you coordinate your transportation. Should you experience difficulties with transportation, please notify your nurse.


If a visiting nurse or home health professional has been arranged to visit you in your home, you will be informed of this by the hospital discharge planner. If home care services are not provided as planned, please call 208.354.2383 and let the discharge planner know so that further arrangements can be made. Should you experience any condition that concerns or causes you alarm, contact your physician immediately. Our Emergency Department is open 24 hours every day, and should you be unable to contact your physician or if your condition is such that you feel you should be seen immediately, arrange for a responsible adult to bring you to the Emergency Department.

 Our discharge planner can provide you with information about home health care, medical equipment, skilled nursing facilities, transportation, Meals on Wheels, and other community resources. Assistance with questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, State Disability and Workers’ Compensation can also be provided.


The discharge planner in the Case Management Department has information on many community resources that are available to assist you following discharge from the hospital. A list of community resources can be obtained by calling the hospital at 208.354.2383, ext. 104 or 172.