Patient Testimonials

  • Breden patient testimonial photo

    On September 6, 2015 my wife and I rolled our Jeep down an embankment between mile markers 14 and 15 on Idaho State Highway 31. Although I broke my collarbone, fortunately we both walked away from the crash with only bruises. The Fire and Rescue crew brought us to Teton Valley Hospital. Not only were the staff professional and warm, but we felt like they were inviting us into their home. In addition to their medical duties, they found useful telephone numbers for us, contacted a local minister to help us, and even got us some food as it was late in the day. They really helped take our minds off the terrible accident. Thanks. Thank you all again for making a bad situation much, much better.

    Erik and Mary Breden, Emergency services

  • I have lived in Teton Valley since 1977 and have never been a patient in the local hospital before. I would like to comment on the care given to me while I was in your hospital. The nurses and aids are doing an outstanding job. I could not have received any better care anywhere. They were thoughoutful and able to find a way of helping me. It's a shame that you have to be so sick to meet such a nice group of professional ladies (and Ken, too!). I hope I don't have to stay in the hospital again any time soon but I know if I do that I will receive the same kind and professional care. I cannot express enough appreciation for your kindness and great care during my recent stay. Everyone was very professional! I especially appreciated all who listened to my rambling stores and offered sympathy and advice.

    Debbie Hunter, Teton Valley Hospital

  • The primary factor in my choosing Teton Valley Hospital for my knee replacement was Dr. Brown. I wanted a doctor who cared about me, who would follow me, who actually cared that I wasn’t a statistic in the number of knee replacements he’d done. During my stay at Teton Valley Hospital, I was so very impressed with the staff and the friendliness and in the genuine caring for me as a person. Everyone went out of their way to be great. This is a great hospital.

    Julie Whitlock, Orthopedics

  • Part-time valley residents John and Linda Unland speak to the quality and capacity of care at TVHC.

    John and Linda Unland, Teton Valley Health Care - Emergency Services

  • Kim Potter shares how Teton Valley Health Care's free mammography program helped her.

    Kim Potter, Free Mammography Program

  • Adam Bates

    One afternoon in the summer of 2010, our two-year old son Adam fell into Mahogany Creek near our home. Throughout the panic that followed, our family and friends witnessed what we believe was a miracle. Adam was found after being submerged for about twenty minutes. Teton Valley Ambulance had arrived and the EMTs began resuscitation efforts immediately and continued throughout the drive to Teton Valley Hospital. When we arrived, nurses and doctors were waiting for us. Adam was intubated by a Teton Ambulance paramedic to clear his air way and medical staff began using the ER cardio-resuscitation equipment. We estimated that Adam hadn’t had oxygen for over 30 minutes, and his little body was cold. We were terrified. We asked for a blessing for our son, and were relieved to find that a hospital employee who shares our faith was on-hand to provide the blessing. Then, there was a pulse and after that, a faint sustained heartbeat. Adam was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. After five weeks, we brought him home. He’s alive and well. It’s difficult to believe that if Teton Valley Hospital hadn’t been here, or hadn’t had the appropriate medical skills and equipment, our son wouldn’t be here with us today. In the days after the rush of the emergency, family and friends that had accompanied us to the ER talked about that night. We discovered that Teton Valley Hospital staff had opened the doors to their SeeNSave Thrift Store that night to get blankets and dry clothing for those of us who had jumped into the stream to search for Adam. Employees rounded up snacks and drinks for us and made sure we had a private space within the hospital. Our family is whole, thanks to everyone who supports the services and programs of Teton Valley Hospital.

    The Bates Family, Emergency Response

  • Recently my very healthy and active husband suffered a heart attack. The left anterior descending artery in his heart (a.k.a. "the widowmaker") was 98% blocked...The staff at Teton Valley Hospital demonstrated fast and efficient teamwork in providing the immediate administration of aspirin, nitro, IVs, clot-busting medications, diagnostic tests and continuous monitoring...They made immediate contact and maintained communication with the cardiac specialists in Idaho Falls...The cardiology team at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center commented that they were impressed by Teton Valley Hospital's care and preparation. If we did not have Teton Valley Hospital in Driggs, my husband would not be here today. A life-threatening event could happen to any one of us in our small community and we need this local facility that has the personnel, equipment, contacts and medications to save our lives. - Liza Petersen (Han's wife, not widow), Driggs

    Liza Petersen (Han's wife, not widow), Driggs, Emergency Response

  • Karen Russell

    As part of my treatment plan for rheumatoid arthritis, I feel so fortunate to be able to receive my monthly infusion therapy right here at home. After experiencing infusion therapy at three other regional hospitals, I can vouch for the level of care at Teton Valley Hospital. It’s just so convenient and the staff is not only professional, but I feel cared for on a personal level as well. From the pharmacists who personally call me each month to let me know that my medication has been ordered, to the admission clerks who check me in and the lab technicians who do my blood tests, and finally to the nurses and paramedics who start my IV and monitor my infusion, I know that I’m receiving the best possible care from people who know me. And by choosing to have my infusion therapy here at home, I help contribute to the financial health of our own community hospital.

    Karen Russell, Driggs, Infusion Therapy

  • Dan and Michael McKenna

    Living in a big city , a trip to the ER can be a frustrating and laborious experience. Such was not the case at Teton Valley [Hospital]. From when we walked in the door until my son Dan was discharged, I witnessed first-hand the efficient, professional and caring approach to patient care provided by your staff. The administrative personnel could not have been more helpful, the CT technician presented a truly caring attitude and the several Nurses and the EMT I encountered displayed a totally professional approach to their duties. You can be justifiably proud of your ER team. -Michael H. McKenna, Tennessee

    Michael H. McKenna, Tennessee, Emergency Response

  • Most of you have known me as the owner of The Beverage Shoppe in Driggs. My husband and I now live in Mesquite, Nevada. I recently came back to town to visit my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I never dreamed that I would end up in the emergency room at Teton Valley Hospital with two doctors and several nurses working to make my heart beat again. From start to finish, my experience was unbelievable. I was in the hospital ER within five minutes of my heart attack. Dazed and in pain, I looked up and saw Dr. Chad Horrocks and another doctor standing at my side, encouraging me to come back. The doctors held my hand. The nurses knew my name. I was given shocks by electric cardiac paddles, given medication, and stabilized for a helicopter ride to EIRMC. The bottom line is this: I'm alive. Without our local hospital, I would have died. Folks, this hospital is worth every dime, day and consideration we can give to keep the doors open. As a local business owner, I can also say without a doubt that our valley businesses need the hospital to continue to be a source of economic strength. Thank you, everyone at Teton Valley Hospital. God bless you for all that you do.

    Barb Klebesadel, Emergency Response

  • Andy Heffron

    After having lab tests during our local health fair, I made an appointment with Dr. Horrocks to discuss my elevated blood sugar levels. I was given an insulin resistance test and subsequently was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. My next stop was to visit with the TVH diabetic education director. With her personal counseling and positive support, Ive learned how to manage and improve my condition. I've already lost eight pounds! I anticipate that my next insulin resistance test will show normal blood sugars. As a side benefit, Dr. Horrocks realized that I suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a potentially dangerous disorder. After 90 days of actively treating OSA, I haven't felt this good in years! My wife sleeps better now that I don't snore and I'm sure the guys at hunting camp will appreciate it too. I feel very fortunate to be cared for locally. Professional, talented and friendly people in our own small community it doesn't get any better than that.

    Andy Heffron, Primary Care

  • Mo fixed my torn ACL. He knows that people have different goals for recovery and he works hard to help you get back to your optimal level. He stays up-to-date on new techniques. He's very accessible and his follow-up is amazing. Mo has taken care of Skyler and Jaelin and they both liked his friendliness and sense of humor. Teton Valley is fortunate to have such a great surgeon.

    Patti, Steamboat, Colorado, Orthopedic Surgery

  • I blew my rotator cuff, broke my clavicle in 4 places and tore my bicep in a dirt bike collision. Mo sent my MRI films to 4 other orthopedists to get their recommendations. That impressed me because I hadn't even asked for a second opinion! Now, I'm water and snow skiing, dirt biking, you name it.

    Brad, Orthopedic Surgery

  • Cole Palmer

    Two years ago, my right knee started locking on me. I saw Dr. Brown (Mo) and had some x-rays and then an MRI. He told me I had juvenile osteochondritis dessicans; a disease that affects a part of the big femur bone. We did everything we could to avoid surgery; Mo ordered a special brace for me and I had to cut back on my sports activities. A year later, my MRI showed that my disease had gotten worse. My parents got a second opinion from a surgeon in Salt Lake City and he agreed with everything Mo recommended. We had the surgery at Teton Valley Hospital. It was great to be back home just a few hours after surgery. I had a lot of fun doing physical therapy with High Peaks PT where the therapists called me a rock star because I worked so hard to get my muscles stronger. Six weeks later, Dr. Brown told me I could get back to doing whatever I wanted to do!

    Cole Palmer, Alta, Wyoming, Orthopedic Surgery

  • Jan Borstelmann

    I've seen some of the world's best orthopedic surgeons and I know from personal experience that Teton Valley Hospital is lucky to have Dr. Mo Brown. As an alpine ski racer from a young age, I've suffered numerous injuries over the years. I first injured my shoulder in the 60s while on the race circuit, but it didn't hurt enough at that time for me to justify surgery. Over the years, I added a great deal of wear and tear to the same shoulder through more skiing, rock climbing, and working as an outdoor educator. When it was time to choose an orthopedic surgeon, I chose Mo. I'd heard good things about him and I always prefer to give local providers a chance. I was able to have my shoulder surgery arthroscopically, without a large incision, and it was comforting to be in a hospital in which the nurses give their full attention to each patient. Although Mo is obviously a great surgeon, he was personable and sincerely concerned about my experience. I could tell that he viewed me not only as a patient, but as a fellow community member.

    Jan Borstelmann, Orthopedic Surgery

  • Wood Palmer

    Dr. Brown fixed my knee in Winter 2010. I had a torn ACL and meniscus. OUCH. I made an appointment with Mo at Driggs Clinic. I appreciated Mo's willingness to schedule my surgery on a Saturday. I chose arthroscopic surgery and three weeks later, I was back on the slopes. My wife has been keeping Mo busy, too, with knee and ankle surgery. It's a relief to know that we have a highly-skilled surgeon right here at home, and I really appreciate the fact that Mo follows-up with phone calls, emails and texts just to make sure we're doing okay.

    Wood Palmer, Alta, Wyoming, Orthopedic Surgery

  • If I have to be in a hospital, I want it to be here.

    Five years ago, I became very ill and the cause seemed to elude my doctors. Finally I had an MRI at Teton Valley Hospital and it revealed a staph infection down my entire spine. I was quickly taken to the intensive care unit at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. I developed a series of complications associated with my staph infection and my doctor there tried to prepare my husband for the potential of my death.

    After 5 1/2 weeks in a medically induced coma, I began the road to recovery. But to truly recover, I knew I needed to go home to Teton Valley Hospital. My doctor at EIRMC coordinated with my hometown doctor to make sure I would get the care I needed in Teton Valley. The minute I was wheeled into Teton Valley Hospital, I felt relieved. I spent several weeks here and received care by many nurses, each of which treated me like a family member. Every person- from the cook to the housekeepers - took the time to connect with me as an individual and make sure I was comfortable. The highlight of my stay, if you can have a highlight during a hospital stay, was enjoying a delicious cake that the cooks made for my 50th wedding anniversary. That never would have happened in a big hospital.

    Just this past year, I spent a week at Teton Valley Hospital for pneumonia. I had high expectations of the care I would receive, and they were met in every way. I have friends in other larger towns who can't find the kind of care I have available here in our small community. If I have to be hospitalized, I want to be here, at Teton Valley Hospital where I can receive personalized care.

    Alisha Rodrigues,

  • Without the professional care and effort put forth at TVH during the first hour of my heart attack, I would not be here today. Due to the short amount of time it took to receive the proper care, tests, medications, transport and definitive care, my life will return to normal. I can still picture the concern and care shown in the faces around me as they worked to dissolve the clot in my heart, and how their expressions changed to that of happiness and relief when my pain subsided and heart rhythms settled. They cared so much! I am so grateful to all the people who worked on me that day, and so fortunate to have a hospital close enough that was equipped to save my life.

    Hans Peterson, Driggs, Idaho, Emergency Response