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County holds off on changing ambulance service, wants more data

After several discussions, Teton County has not made a decision on how to provide ambulance service to the county. Though the original problem that kicked off the county’s possible restructuring of emergency medical services may have been solved, the debate continues.


Does Teton County need an ambulance service district?

A decision could come as soon as next month on what ambulance service in Teton County will look like.

Currently the Ambulance Service District, a special taxing district, pays to run the ambulances in the county. That district then pays the local hospital, Teton Valley Health Care, to provide emergency medical services. The Teton County Fire District is then a sub-contractor of sorts for the hospital. However, the Teton County Commissioners, who are also the commissioners for the ambulance district, will meet April 11 to discuss if that arrangement should continue.