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Stepping it up for Acute Care

TVHC and University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics (UUHC) have expanded telemedicine services to include TeleAcute Care for eligible Teton Valley Hospital in-patients.  Acute care offers an intermediate level of medical attention for patients who require more medical attention than an inpatient with general health management needs and a bit less attention than patients in an intensive care unit.

Hospital intensivists from UUHC will be available 24/7 to assist with patient oversight in real-time through use of Dr. Responder, TVHC’s onsite robot. Specialists can speak with patients, perform basic visual exams and confer with local medical and nursing staff about diagnoses, treatment and follow-up care.

Angela Booker, Chief Nursing Officer, believes that many patients

will benefit from this added service which will allow these patients to remain close to home.

“Our nurses and medical providers are already experienced in delivering acute care and of course, we have the appropriate licensures. Now that UUHC has partnered with us for round-the-clock patient management, we’re ready to offer this higher level of care for our community.”

For more information on our telemedicine partnership with UUHC, click here.


Help from afar: Teton Valley Hospital uses telemedicine to assist patients

Within the past few months, Teton Valley Hospital added telestroke and teleburn services offered through the University of Utah Health Care. The telemedicine program uses a tele-robot, which can be manipulated by the on-call doctor. The doctor appears on a screen where the robot’s “face” is and can communicate through the robot. This specific robot technology is compatible with the University of Utah, St. John’s Medical Center and Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.