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  • Telemedicine


     Telestroke and Teleburn Teton Valley Health Care offers tele-stroke and tele-burn services in partnership with University of Utah Health Care. [br][/br]  Telespsychiatry Teton Valley Health Care offers tele-psychiatry services in partnership with Portneuf Medical Center. [hr] Podcast – The SCOPE Radio – Rural…

  • Outpatient Infusion Therapy

    Instead of being admitted to a hospital or visiting a busy emergency room for treatment, patients may receive infusion and injection therapies in a private and comfortable setting. Patients receive treatments while relaxing in a recliner, watching a DVD, listening…

  • Medical Imaging

    Medical Imaging

    Medical Imaging Services at Teton Valley Hospital CT (COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHY) Digital Mammography Fluoroscopy Ultrasound High Definition MRI We offer MRI services twice per week Pricing for specific imaging: $1,050 – $1,100. Call (208) 354-6331 for details. Take a look at…

  • Emergency Services

    Emergency Services

    Teton Valley Hospital offers an emergency room covered by physicians or mid-level medical providers on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our physicians may consult with other experts around the region to ensure you receive a correct diagnosis…