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Direct Primary Care

Teton Valley Health is excited to now offer Direct Primary Care, a better approach to healthcare!  Direct Primary Care provides superior care at a lower cost.  As a Direct Primary Care member, you pay a low monthly fee (or annual fee for a 5% discount).  In return, you have direct access to your primary care provider for any and all primary care needs you encounter. 

A Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership brings Primary Care back to where it belongs–a relationship between you and your provider. No insurance company. No excessive cost. You get UNLIMITED Primary Care. All office visits, phone and electronic messaging, telemedicine appointments, and in-office procedures are free of charge. Enjoy quick resolution of acute issues, effective management of  chronic illness, and education to live a healthier life!

Direct Primary Care Benefits

Never ask “Can we afford to go?” again

Don’t worry about cost with the well-being of your family!  With a Direct Primary Care membership, you simply contact your provider and get the care you need.  

No deductibles, copays, or hidden fees

The simplicity of Direct Primary Care is one thing our members love!  Pay your membership fee and receive the care you need!

Direct, convenient access to provider

You have direct access to your primary care provider for unlimited office visits, phone and electronic messaging, telemedicine appointments, and in-office procedures! 

Quality care by licensed professional

Our providers are licensed and have received the latest training available. They are caring professionals who care for your health and your family.

Improved health with preventive care

Preventive care is something many choose to avoid due to additional cost and hassle of scheduling appointments.  Don’t sacrifice your future health!  Direct Primary Care provides you  with the ability to receive all the preventive care you need now before ongoing issues become larger health conditions.

Avoid needless pain from not seeking care

Don’t avoid treatment!  With Direct Primary Care, you don’t need to wait and decide when it’s time to receive care.  

More security

A Direct Primary Care membership will provide you and your family with consistent healthcare that will lead to better health and less stress, whether you have health  insurance or not.  

Worrying about what might happen or if you can afford to go to get treated can be avoided.  A couple of trips to the ER and a few clinic visits can add up quickly and easily cost more than a Direct Primary Care membership.  Take care of your health and peace of mind!

Do you  already have insurance?  

Direct Primary Care can be more cost effective when compared to paying for primary care visits and procedures as part of your deductible.

Are you uninsured?  

While a Direct Primary Care membership is not a replacement for health insurance, it does provide those without insurance the ability to receive quality primary care at a reduced cost. Enjoy the security of knowing the basic healthcare needs of your family are covered!  Health insurance coverage is highly recommended.

A Direct Primary Care Membership includes unlimited access to your Direct Primary Care Provider, including all office visits, phone and electronic messaging, telemedicine appointments, and certain in-office procedures (see graphic below for included procedures and exclusions).


Sandra Nelson Woolstenhulme DNP-FNP

Sandra is our Direct Primary Care provider at Teton Valley Health.  She has been a long time employee of TVH, as a RN and DNS, she is a recent graduate with a doctorate of nursing practice degree (DNP-FNP) from Idaho State University.  She grew up in Teton Valley and loves the community and people here. 

Why is she passionate about Direct Primary Care?

More time with each patient

Improved patient health

Better service at a better price

She is excited to serve the community and help residents find greater health and a greater quality of life through Direct Primary Care!

“Not only does our environment lend to the beauty of this place, but equally, if not more so, the good people that reside here. I have a desire to serve the people of this community, my friends and neighbors, through my expertise. 

Prior to becoming a family nurse practitioner, I worked as a registered nurse in a variety of settings and locations. My experiences include bedside nursing, as well as management and educational roles. 

While completing my graduate degree, I became interested in the Direct Primary Care model of health care delivery. This innovative model rings true to the ideal of health care that I envision. Direct Primary Care provides a choice for those proactively seeking a more individualized health care experience. Dealing directly with the health care provider and cutting out the middle-man (insurance companies) decreases overall costs. Additional benefits include greater latitude in frequency and length of health care interactions. The model provides a setting where both parties can build lasting partnerships in determining the path of health for each individual. I am excited to be on the forefront of this novel opportunity to expand health care options and increase the overall health of our community.”

Sandra Nelson Woolstenhulme DNP-FNP

Business owners and managers

A Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership is a great employee benefit! The service is highly rated and members enjoy better health due to more consistent and efficient access to healthcare services. 

Happy employees create an efficient organization. The peace of mind that comes from having your Primary Care needs taken care of improves employee happiness and therefore, job satisfaction.  Our DPC clinic is open late some weeknights, providing more flexibility to take care of your employees.

Providing Direct Primary Care memberships for your employees may even allow you to save money on health insurance. A higher deductible plan may be a better option to cover the remainder of your employees healthcare needs, offering an improved overall healthcare plan at a lower price.

Business pricing is available by contacting the Teton Valley Healthcare business office at 208.354.2383. There is a minimum enrollment of 5 individuals for business groups.

If you have further questions please read our FAQ


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