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Community Report 2017

Economic Impact Report 2017

Quality Improvement Measurements

Teton Valley Hospital shares data with multiple quality measurement programs. The Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Program (MBQIP) is one of those programs. MBQIP measures are reported quarterly to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Hospitals must meet specific quality standards to remain in good standing with Medicare and Medicaid.

Most organizations make it their goal to meet the 75th percentile for U.S. hospitals. Teton Valley Hospital sets its goal to compare with the 90th percentile.

MeasurementTarget in minutes (90th percentile)Q1 2017Q2 2017Q3 2017Q4 2017
Median time for patient to receive an electrocardiogram (ECG) as medically recommended for heart attack diagnosis.313N/A3.5
Median time for a patient complaining of chest pain to receive an electrocardiogram (ECG)311.575
Median wait time for a patient to be evaluated by a provider after being admitted to the E.R.810118.5

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Teton Valley Healthcare values patient input, and we regularly survey our patients regarding important elements of their care at TVHC.

Emergency DepartmentNRC* Health 90th percentileQ1
Did providers spend enough time with you?75%83%82%80%76%
Inpatient satisfaction
Communication with nurses87%85%71%91%88%
Cleanliness/quietness in and around your room78%60%63%91%82%
Outpatient satisfactionNRC* Health average
Staff and technologists who performed tests were considerate of patient preferences86%86%88%91%87%
Clinic satisfaction surveyMedstatix** averageOctober 2017November 2017December 2017January 2018
Satisfaction with provider80%97%96%95%96%
* NRC Health is an organization that works with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

**Medstatix is a patient experience platform designed to analyze quantitative and qualitative data for healthcare providers.
For more information email Susan Kay, RN, Quality Services Manager at skay@tvhcare.org.