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Driggs and Victor Health Clinic Pricing

To help you compare pricing and services, we have listed fees for our most frequent types of clinic visits.

Wellness visits are priced according to the age of the patient reflecting the level of examination required per age group.  Please remember that Wellness Visits are coded and charged differently than Sports Physicals.  Wellness Visits must also follow a specific exam routine; if other acute or chronic medical issues require treatment, the exam becomes a regular clinic appointment and is billed according to the chart shown.

Cost differences in other medical exam visits (as noted on the Clinic Visits chart) are based according to the services received for each specific visit.  For example, your appointment for a sore throat may result in further lab tests and the discovery of high blood pressure, resulting in the need for additional care.

A patient is considered a New Patient upon their first visit to one of our health clinics or if they haven’t had an appointment in one of our clinics for over three years.  Visits to Teton Valley Hospital are considered separate from a visit to Driggs or Victor Health Clinic.

Driggs Health Clinic is open 7 days per week to help accommodate your non-emergency healthcare needs.

All-hours, year-round emergency care is available at Teton Valley Hospital.  We’re here whenever you need us.

As always, we’re happy to discuss the specifics of your services to help you determine pricing and payment options:  (208) 354-6331.

New Patients*
CPT Code**
PriceExisting Patients
CPT Code*



New Patients*
CPT Code**
PriceExisting Patients
CPT Code*
99381$17199391$1391 year and under
99387$23099397$21065 and older