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Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards

Teton Valley Health Care actively seeks grant funding for needed equipment and programs.

FY 2013-14 Grant Awards

Mike-West_lab-cameraCommunity Foundation of Teton Valley-Youth Philanthropy: $700 providing funding to purchase a digital camera and related software to attach to the lab microscope to digitize slides.



CHC Foundation$7,000 partnering with TVHC to extend the venting system for the Chemotherapy Infusion Project to assure continued opportunities for local cancer patients to receive essential chemotherapy treatments in the comfort and convenience of their local hospital.

Community Foundation of Teton Valley: $2,500 to provide free shingles shots to valley seniors at the annual health fair.

Teton Springs Foundation:  $5,000 partnering to upgrade the phlebotomy room with a new chair and new environment for patient blood draws.

M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust: $125,000 in partnerships with Teton Valley Health Care Foundation and TVHC to purchase a new radiographic/fluoroscopy unit allowing the hospital to continue providing state-of-the-art care to its patients.  Projected to be in place by early May.

SHIP: $9,000 providing funding to assist the hospital in reporting data to the federal government as required by law.

FLEX: $20,000 focusing on starting a new Community Paramedic project enabling paramedics from TVHC and FIRE to visit selected patients in their homes to encourage improved health for chronically ill patients.

Grantor: Idaho Community Foundation
Amount: $2,500
Purpose: Partnering to purchase a refrigeration unit to store microbiology specimens and supplies


Grantor: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare – EMS Bureau
Amount: $17,800
Purpose: Awarded to Teton Valley Ambulance. $15,000 to fund the purchase of a Cardiac Monitor, $2,800 to purchase an Automatic Transport Ventilator.



Grantor: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare – EMS Bureau
Amount: Two EZ-IO Drills.
Purpose: Awarded to Teton Valley Ambulance to ensure that our EMS crew has access to advanced pediatric technology and equipment.


Grantor: Silverstar Caring for Community fund
Amount: $500
Purpose: Funding to help TVHC establish a car seat certification program that will educate community members on how to safely install a seat in their vehicle.

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