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Good Choice, Bad Choice: The Right Attitude

Ann Loyola

Ann Loyola

If you read my last blog about “Polarity” (and if you haven’t, you really should) then you know that I had signed up for a workshop to learn about champion thinking, and hopefully develop the tools to get out of my own way as I continue my journey toward wellness.

The group was small which made it difficult for me to hide from facilitator Christine Heilman, PhD.  I was the only non-athlete in attendance, and the only person dressed in business-casual instead of jeans and a knitted cap. In other words, I was well on my way to finding excuses to excuse myself.

Being a mind-reader, Christine promptly began our session with some uncomfortable statements about people who isolate themselves from progress through self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt.   She said that everyone is seeking ways to enrich the quality of their lives and that she would review basic mind-set tools for accomplishing that.

For the next hour, we did some group exercises, engaged in discussions, and learned about ACE:  A = Attitude, C = Concentration, E = Execution (as in “get it done” not as in “let it perish”).  I came away from the workshop feeling that I had learned something valuable and no, I won’t go into a bunch of details about the training because you should contact Christine and put yourself in her mind-reading gaze.

Do you like sayings?  I sure do.  Do you like mangling famous quotes unintentionally?  Me, too.

And here’s my new favorite, as shared by Christine:

Having the right attitude means choosing to believe in your ability.

For the past 8 months since I started my blog, I’ve taken some steps forward and some steps back, and then a few hops from side to side.  I assure you that it hasn’t been my intention to do the hokey-pokey all of this time (and heaven knows I’m not allowed to sing the hokey-pokey  and yet… I continue to shake it all about instead of moving ahead in a mostly forward motion.

I have two more months to deliver on my goals of decreasing my BMI, and while I may not hit my target of 27 I know that I shouldn’t give up.  There’s still time to Execute as long as I have the Right Attitude.

I’ll choose to believe in my ability to improve.

I’ve signed up on TVHC’s new community wellness program (it’s FREE, folks!) and I’m ready to start measuring my steps as I join one of the wellness challenges available on the program.  Check it out!  If you sign up, let me know at and I’ll give you a free pedometer.  Supplies are limited, so don’t delay.

Disclaimer: This blog discusses my personal wellness goals and is in no way a soapbox to tell anyone else how to eat, exercise and/or live their lives.

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