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Good Choice, Bad Choice: I’m Back on the Bike

Chris Hemsworth TFF

Chris Hemsworth
By Sachyn via Wikimedia Commons

I was riding my bike along North Stateline Road, scolding myself for falling off the Good Choice wagon and right onto the Bad Choice ground. It happened right after I had smiled and nodded my way through my husband’s 30-year high school reunion; an event I had dreaded the way I would dread doing jumping jacks in a bikini in front of Chris Hemsworth.

Guess what? I had fun. All along, it was my own lousy self-image that was convincing me that I would have a horrible time, and as soon as I consciously let go of that negative self-talk, I had a good time. It really helped that as I was walking out the door to head to the reunion, my son said “Dad’s friends are going to see what a great woman he married.” This is the same kid who dissed my hiney. All is forgiven, son.

So why did I take two weeks off of my anti-inflammatory diet and portion control promise and head for the Blue Bunny ice cream, fried chicken and Swiss Alpine chocolate bars? And why did I stop exercising? I hadn’t gotten on my bike for almost three weeks.

But here I was, back on my bike and giving myself a tongue-lashing with every push of the pedal. Then I was reminded of a recent workshop given by Dr. Christina Heilman, a Mental Coach and Personal Trainer. She talked to our employees about changing negative self-talk to positive self-talk, and she gave us tools to realize when we’re talkin’ smack and how to turn that around. She proved to us that our silent running conversations have a serious impact on our lives and our ability to reach personal goals.

So I began praising myself for getting on my bike. I tossed in a few private thoughts about Chris Hemsworth, adding his brother Liam to the mix just for kicks. I began feeling a whole lot better about everything and soon, I was flying along as happy as a kid riding with handlebar streamers, cards clothes-pinned to the spokes, and a Schwinn bell. The subsequent flat tire was no big deal.

Moving along into autumn (my personal favorite time of year) I’m understanding more about myself and what I have within my reach to be healthier and to help my family be healthier, too. I can’t be passive about my wellness; been there, done that, it didn’t work. You know that saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Well, what if you don’t know it’s broke until it breaks spectacularly? Prevention is the key:  it just IS.

TVHC Harvest Health Fair 2013Now I’ll insert a shameless plug for our Harvest Health Fair Saturday, September 28th. You’ll find thousands of dollars’ worth of free wellness screenings; a way to find something that may be a little bit broken but not spectacularly broken. Free: memory screenings, vision and hearing tests, hernia checks, ultrasound carotid artery screening, shingles vaccines, car seat checks, Idaho Health Insurance Exchange assistance, and more more more. I’ll see you there.

Disclaimer: This blog discusses my personal wellness goals and is in no way a soapbox to tell anyone else how to eat, exercise and/or live their lives.

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