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Good Choice, Bad Choice: High school reunion

Ann Loyola

Ann Loyola

Rumor has it that some people made it through high school unscarred. While that may be so, I’ve found that the silly relationship drama, out of control emotions, peer pressure and plummeting self-esteem all come home to roost on a five-year cycle, coinciding directly with the word “reunion”.

Scientists haven’t figured out yet why men can’t comprehend the difference between domestic non-issues versus domestic catastrophes. Examples: I’ve come home from work to a messy house at 6:30 p.m. and before I’ve taken off my shoes, my husband informs me that six people are coming over for dinner in 30 minutes. Or the time I had norovirus and was lying on the back deck in my nightgown at high noon, clutching my cell phone, texting my husband to come and help me when he stumbles upon me, holding his cellphone and says “Stop goofing around. I’m watching the US Open on TV.”

Along those lines, my husband told me two weeks ago that his 30-year high school reunion was happening in September and that I should make sure my schedule was clear. I asked him for the exact date and he said that he didn’t know, it’s just in September. I asked him to find out the exact date as soon as possible then took some deep breaths to fend off an attack of nausea.

According to my calculations, if the reunion is at the end of September and on a weekend, then I could realistically lose about 20 pounds. However, if the reunion is at the beginning of September…  No. No. I had to stay positive.

The final blow came last week when my husband said, casually, that his reunion is on September 6th.

As of today, I’ve lost five pounds. (To be honest, 4 ½ pounds but that could reach five by the end of the day.) I’ve made better food choices in the past month, but I haven’t cut back enough on the bad choices. (Hello Agave super burrito. Greetings Fuego carnitas.) . I could exercise more, too. I do want to lose weight slowly because every study I’ve read shows that if you lose slowly, you’re less likely to gain it back. Yet, my high school spirit wishes I could lose 35 pounds by September 5th.

I’ve looked into some smartphone fitness apps that appear to work like your own personal trainer. Many of them are free. I was impressed by the variety offered at My Fitness Pal  and amazed by the capabilities promoted on the Jawbone UP website: “UP not only visualizes your information so you can understand the meaning behind the numbers, it also discovers hidden connections in the way you live to deliver powerful insights. Over time, insights lead to new behaviors and new behaviors become new, healthier habits.”

Since TVHC is going to give a free Jawbone UP (retail $130 – $180) to the winner of our ongoing Facebook photo contest, I’ve decided to order the UP and see how well it works for me.

Will I lose 35 pounds by September 6th? Of course not, but I’m going to make sure I don’t gain any weight before then. Then again, I could always stay home. 🙂

Disclaimer: This blog discusses my personal wellness goals and is in no way a soapbox to tell anyone else how to eat, exercise and/or live their lives.

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