Signing Up for Direct Primary Care is Simple!

To sign up, select the type of Direct Primary Care membership you would like, then input the requested information and click the green “Submit” button.

A Teton Valley Health representative will then prepare the documents required to finalize your registration. These documents will be sent to the email address provided within a few business hours. From the email you will be able to review, complete, and electronically sign all necessary documents. Once you electronically sign, your registration is official!

Non-Profit Membership Rates Available

As an added benefit and thank you to our local non-profit organizations, if you are employed by a non-profit and wish to subscribe to Direct Primary Care, you will receive a discount on your monthly membership rate. Details can be found on the Patient Agreement Form.

If you would like to review the documents before the email arrives, the links to each document are located at the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions, call 208.354.6324.


Below are links to the documents required for Direct Primary Care membership registration.  These are provided for your convenience if you wish to review them prior to receiving your registration email.  Please contact 208.354.6324 with any questions.  To register, fill out the web form above and a Teton Valley Health representative will prepare and email you the needed documents to electronically review, complete, and sign.

Forms in English

Direct Primary Care – Patient Agreement

Direct Primary Care – Check In Form

Direct Primary Care – Consent for Telehealth Services

Formularios en Español

Atención Primaria Directa – Acuerdo Directo con el Paciente

Atención Primaria Directa – Formulario de Registro

Atención Primaria Directa – Consentimiento pare Servicios de Telemedicina

If you have any questions please give us a call at 208.354.6324 – Si tiene alguna pregunta no dude en contactarnos al 208.354.6324


The Business Office will be moving to the former Cache Clinic, located at 852 Valley Centre Drive, in Driggs effective September 11, 2023.
Please be patient with us during this transition which will be taking place the week of September 4—8th. We will try to be as responsive as possible during this move.

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The Business Office will no longer be closed from 12-1:00 pm for lunch.