Teton Valley Health is committed to educating and engaging our local community in health-related events and activities.

Health & Wellness Education

  • Diabetes Self Management Education assists diabetics and families with blood sugar control and healthy lifestyles.Our Registered Dietician is also available to help with the fight against weight gain. Individual counseling available upon request.
  • Our Chronic Care Management program is specially designed to help people manage their health proactively and work toward realistic personal goals. Clients communicate regularly with a Registered Nurse who assists with every point of navigation to reduce visits to the emergency room and improve their overall wellness. Call (208) 354-6317 ext. 139 for more information.
  • Breast Health Support Fund provides free basic mammogram screening for anyone who cannot afford this important screening tool. If further diagnostic testing is recommended, patients may apply for additional funding support to cover those associated costs. Call (208) 354-6331 for application instructions.

For an in-depth assessment of our community demographics and overall wellness, read our most recent Community Health Needs Assessment. Learn how Teton Valley Health and local agencies are working together to address our community’s top concerns.

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