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Contact information for Teton Valley Hospital, Driggs and Victor Clinics, and the Teton Valley Hospital Foundation


Main phone lines:


Teton Valley Health

Teton Valley Hospital, Driggs Clinic (DC) and Victor Clinic (VC)

Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services
Phone icon_lt blue Dial 9-1-1

General inquiries:
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext. 153
Fax icon_lt blue 208-354-3158


  • Keith Gnagey, Chief Executive Officer – 208-354-6355
  • Angela Booker, Chief Nursing Officer – 208-354-6325
  • Laurel Ricks, Clinic Manager – 208-354-6304
  • Laura Piquet, Director of Compliance – 208-354-6302
  • Human Resources – 208-354-6321
  • Letitia Miller, CFO Revenue Cycle Manager / Patient Account Services
  • John Dobbins, Maintenance and Support Services Supervisor – 208-354-6328
  • Ann Loyola, Public Relations and Marketing Director – 208-354-6301





Financial planning and assistance
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6331  Patient Account Representatives 

Christy James: 354-6317 ext. 166
Georgia Davison: 354-6317 ext. 219

Medical Records
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6350 or 208-354-6314
Customer Representative: Jackie 

Health Information Management assistant
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext. 161

Community Relations
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6301 or
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6358


Rubi Valdez, Community Health Educator
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6348

For community comments and general information email

Hospital address and main phone line
120 East Howard Ave, Driggs, Idaho 83422
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-2383
Hospital Admissions
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-2383 or 208-354-6359
Fax icon_lt blue 208-354-2228
Human Resources
Please contact Dory Harris, HR Director
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6321
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6329
Fax icon_lt blue 208-354-6337
Medical Clinic information - Driggs Clinic and Victor Clinic
Driggs Clinic (DHC) 
283 North First East
Driggs, Idaho 83422


To schedule an appointment call:
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-354-2302


Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Walk-ins welcome after 9 a.m.)

Saturday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Victor Clinic (VHC)
252 South Main Street
Victor, Idaho 83455


To schedule an appointment call:
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6307


Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.*
Pediatrician available Tuesdays.

*Closed daily from 1:15-2:15 p.m.



Clinic Billing (DHC and VHC)

Call (208) 354-6331 or 354-6317 ext. 219 for a Patient Account Representative

Medical Imaging
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6313
Fax icon_lt blue 208-354-2228
Medical Staff Services

Susan Kay, RN, Quality Services Manager

Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext 121


Nurses' Station
Ellie MacKinnon, Director of Nursing Services
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext. 112


Nurses’ Station
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext. 111

Fax icon_lt blue 208-354-6318
*Please note that we cannot give medical advice over the phone.

 Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6316
Physical Therapy
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext. 120 or
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6333
Quality Services
Laura Piquet, Director of Compliance
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6302


Susan Kay, RN, Quality Services Manager

Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext. 121

Surgical Services (OR)
Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317 ext. 179
Fax icon_lt blue 208-354-6335


Teton Valley Hospital Foundation

Phone icon_lt blue 208-354-6317  x181