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Teton Valley Health Care Mission, Vision, Values and History
Teton Valley Health Care promotes the health of our community by delivering quality, patient-centered medical services with compassion, integrity and respect. We operate in a sustainable manner to ensure continued economic viability.


Vision Statement

Teton Valley Health Care (TVHC) is the Teton Valley Community’s focal point and source for high-quality, professional medical services.  TVHC is open and accessible every hour of every day, and provides compassionate, timely, and effective treatment.  TVHC is differentiated by patient-centered service and treats everyone with honesty, dignity, fairness, and respect.

Through prudent management of its staff and facilities and relationships with other regional providers, TVHC provides the appropriate range of medical care while operating in a cost effective manner that generates a positive net income .  We adapt our scope of services to respond to healthcare needs and to promote public health care and awareness through community engagement, relationships with regional health care providers, and innovation in the use of technology.  We focus on change to deliver improved patient care, safety, and cost-efficient health care.

TVHC continually improves the quality of patient care by providing ongoing development, training, and educational opportunities for its staff.  TVHC staff takes individual and collective responsibility for its actions and works as a cooperative, integrated team that uses its skills for the benefit of the patient and organization. TVHC and the community work collaboratively to understand public health, develop awareness of individual responsibilities, and educate.

TVHC staff members treat each other, the patient, and the organization with dignity and respect.  We staff based on the capabilities that our staff demonstrates and provide care to all in need.  Everyone’s contributions to the quality of patient care and success of the organization are measured, recognized, appreciated, and celebrated.



Our communications are open and honest.  We say what we mean and do what we say.  We take individual and collective responsibility for our actions.


We respect the uniqueness, personal preferences, and worth of every person.  We promote development of each person’s potential and celebrate everyone’s contributions. We are factual, not judgmental.


We demonstrate caring and concern for the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of those we serve.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and measure and compare against meaningful standards.  We deliver healthcare through teamwork and innovation.  We strive for an environment of continuously improving quality and patient safety.  We foster staff development and fulfillment.


We manage our time, talent, and financial resources responsibly.  We are dedicated to the success of TVHC.


We share a sense of belonging with all the people of Teton Valley, our residents and visitors.  We are part of the community and are honored to serve Teton Valley.


The grand opening of Teton Valley Hospital occurred in 1939. The building construction was a federal government WPA project. It took the combined efforts of everyone within the community to raise sufficient funds to adequately furnish the 4-bed hospital. In all, over $40,000 was donated through a variety of creative methods such as auctioning livestock, coal, haircuts, beer and firewood. One year, school students decided not to buy valentines for each other and instead donate their “card money” toward the hospital.

TVH was owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons. Ownership changed to a county facility in 1965. Since then, TVH has undergone two major expansion projects. Community contributions have continued to factor significantly in the hospital’s ability to stay current with technological advances and infrastructure renovations. In 2012, the organization became a private nonprofit entity, effectively removing itself from taxpayer support.

Our community hospital received the federal designation of a Critical Access Hospital in 2002 after it was recognized that our geographic isolation from other medical facilities and our positive impact on life-or-death health emergencies made it clear that 24/7 access to our facility was crucial. In 2016, we became the first CAH to earn three advanced-care certifications: Level IV Trauma Center, STEMI II (cardiac emergency care), and Stroke III emergency response expertise.

TVHC now comprises Teton Valley Hospital, Driggs Clinic, Victor Clinic and Cache Clinic. In addition to providing excellent health care for residents and visitors, we also contribute to our community in many ways. In fiscal year 2016, the TVHC family showed direct community benefits of over $380,000 that included discounted lab draws and vaccinations, free services and health workshops, subsidized health programs, and community event sponsorships. 

Community Health Needs Assessment

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