Teton Valley Health Introduces Employee Recognition Program, The Recognizing Excellence Awards

Teton Valley Health is excited to announce their new employee recognition program, Recognizing Excellence. Twice a year TVH employees, as well as patients, will have the ability to nominate a Medical Provider, a Nursing Team Member and a Support Team Member for going above and beyond in providing compassionate and personalized care. Nominations will be collected online as well as in writing at various drop-box locations throughout Teton Valley Health facilities. 

  • The Medical Team Member award, The HELPING HANDS Award, will be awarded to a TVH Provider. 
  • The Nursing Team Member award, The DAISY Award, will be warded to a TVH Nurse. 
  • The Support Team Member award, The BEE Award, will be awarded to anyone working at TVH, as each of us are caregivers regardless of where we may work. 

As mentioned, winners will be selected twice a year and receive a hand-made statue and certificate. A special ceremony will also be held in honor of our Recognizing Excellence winners. In addition, our winners will have their picture and story displayed in the Hospital Hallway to share with everyone what makes Teton Valley Health a place “Where Everyone Matters.” 

To kick-off TVH’s employee recognition program, our Inaugural Recognizing Excellence Awards Ceremony was held Friday, May 6, 2022. Following are our winners and their stories. 


The Levangers and TVH CEO Keith Gnagey at The 2022 Recognizing Excellence Awards

Nathan Levanger, DO – Family Medicine

Every day at Teton Valley Health is an example of Dr. Levanger going above and beyond for his patients. Patients have shared that Dr. Levanger’s bedside manner is comforting and calming and that he is attentive and genuinely interested in patient’s health and well-being. Since Dr. Levanger started working at Teton Valley Health in 2011 he has set an extraordinary example of what it means to deliver quality patient-centered healthcare with compassion, integrity, and respect. Patients have also shared of their appreciation that Dr. Levanger spends time listening to them. Speaking of a recent appointment, one Teton Valley resident said, “Dr. Levanger was attentive and caring and listened to all my questions and concerns, providing insight and solutions.” Patient feedback for Dr. Levanger has shown him to consistently be responsive, patient, and personable. We truly are fortunate to have Dr. Levanger here at Teton Valley Health. 

The DAISY Award

The Nedomas and TVH CNO Kath Virgil-Belding at The 2022 Recognizing Excellence Awards

Phil Nedoma, RN – Acute Care

Phil is a registered nurse in Acute Care, and has worked at Teton Valley Health since 2018. In his time at TVH, Phil has come to be known for his calming influence with his patients. He is professional and personable with an expert knowledge to act quickly when the need arrises. Patients have shared that Phil is not only thorough and caring but extremely attentive and helpful. Speaking of when she brought her son into the ER, Martha Farnsworth shared, “We are extremely grateful to have TVH in our community. We received excellent and compassionate care during my son’s visit to the ER. Phil Nedoma immediately helped put our son at ease with some stickers. He provided great child-centered care to our son, explaining what was happening and making him laugh and keeping him comfortable and calm the entire time.” Professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly, Phil has proven himself to be an extraordinarily capable nurse at Teton Valley Health. 

The BEE Award

The Schwarzwalter with Dana Davidson in Radiology at The 2022 Recognizing Excellence Awards

Teresa Schwarzwalter, RT(R)(M)(ARRT) – Radiology 

Teresa is an exceptional radiology technologist. Since her start at Teton Valley Health in 2018 Teresa has performed over 2000 mammograms for our community. Patients have shared that Teresa is not only extremely talented, she is gentle, personable, and patient. Speaking of her own mammogram experience with Teresa, Nikki Ripplinger, Infection Preventionist at TVH, said, “She was genuine, caring, concerned, supportive and helpful with a procedure that can be a little scary at times.” Teresa is more than TVHs mammography technologist, she handles the other parts of her job with the same attention to detail. She has a broad circle of influence in the area, having been the high school cheering coach and a vet’s assistant in the past. Teresa takes initiative when needed and comes up with astute ideas for improvements in our department. Teresa consistently goes above and beyond to care for her patients. She’s not afraid to be an advocate for them as well. Teresa has also taken on the department scheduling, guess that makes her Deputy Schwarzwalter as well. We are so proud of her and the example of quality and compassion she sets every single day at Teton Valley Health. Thank you, Teresa, we appreciate you!

Beyond the Call of Duty

The Campbells with TVH CNO Kath Virgil-Belding at The 2022 Recognizing Excellence Awards

In addition to our Recognizing Excellence Award Winners, we would also like to recognize Michelle Campbell, RN, CNOR, Director of Surgical Services at TVH, for going beyond the call of duty in developing Teton Valley Health’s employee recognition program. Hundreds of hours have been spent in developing, collaborating, planning, and ultimately launching The Recognizing Excellence Awards, and today’s inaugural ceremony. Many hands have contributed to this program, but it could not have happened without Michelle’s leadership and direction. Every day with a positive and supporting attitude, Michelle has been at the helm ensuring our committee not only stayed on track but that today could go off without a hitch.  We want to thank Michelle for her tireless efforts at Teton Valley Health. Saying she went beyond the call of duty is an understatement compared to the amount of work all of this took. We hope you know how much we love, value and appreciate you Michelle. 

The Best Way To Say Thank You!

At Teton Valley Health our heroes demonstrate their extraordinary talent and skill every day, bringing quality and compassion to their work, expressing their commitment to the well-being of our patients, families, and community. We look forward to recognizing our remarkable staff for the incredible work they do each and every day through The Recognizing Excellence Awards. 

If you are interested in nominating a TVH Staff Member for going above and beyond in their work, please click the link HERE.