Teton Springs Foundation helps hospital lab

A grant from Teton Springs Foundation has allowed the purchase of a new microbiology lab incubator for Teton Valley Hospital. The award for $2,181 was matched with funds from TVH to replace an existing unit that was approaching the manufacturer’s recommended end of its estimated useful life (EUL).  Funds were received December 11, 2018 to complete the funding for the Vitros 5600 Integrated System.

The new incubator has higher capacity for a broader assortment of lab cultures, enabling TVH to complete more complex diagnostics in-house and reducing the turn-around time for a selection of lab results that had previously been sent to outside labs for processing. This type of equipment is considered essential for patient care and is highly utilized by health care providers.

Over the years, Teton Springs Foundation has been supportive of Teton Valley Health, generously contributing toward several key upgrades for the lab. The Vitros 5600 was a level 1 priority for TVH. Since installation, it has been used on nearly a daily basis. Teton Valley Health and Teton Valley Health Foundation will honor TSF with a plaque of appreciation to be placed outside the lab entrance.