A-E-D is EZ as 1-2-3

Automatic External Defibrillators can be found mounted on walls throughout Teton Valley. They’re life-saving devices that can restore healthy heartbeats and prevent serious damage to heart muscles. Used in conjunction with CPR, the electric shock produced by an AED can alleviate sudden cardiac arrest which is why they’re made available in many public places.

Have you ever walked by an AED and wondered what would happen if you had to use it? Would you know what to do? Thankfully, AEDs are designed with the general public in mind. When you remove the unit and open the lid, there’s a big ON button. Turn it on and the device will begin talking to you. It will give you step-by-step instructions, starting with how to determine if the person in distress needs an electrical shock and talking you all the way through the process. It can even detect if you’ve placed a monitor in the wrong spot.

The kit contains gloves, scissors, gauze, a razor (to remove chest hair, if needed) and other basic supplies. Other than opening the AED, two other skills are essential for saving someone’s life: know how to render CPR, and remain calm.

We’ve made a list of AED locations in Teton Valley.

Alta Elementary School Library
Anytime Fitness
Driggs Fire Station 1
Driggs Senior Center
Grand Targhee Administration Building
Grand Targhee First Aid Room
High Peaks Physical Therapy
Huntsman Springs Fitness Center
Huntsman Springs Main Office
Huntsman Springs Maintenance Office
NOLS Teton Valley location
Senior Center in Driggs Community Center
Teton Basin Ranger District 
Teton High School
Teton Middle School
Teton Springs Fitness Center
Teton Springs Pool House
Teton Valley Hospital
Victor Fire Station 2

If we’ve missed any, please let us know by contacting info@tvhcare.org or 208-354-6301.

Become familiar with AEDs by checking out videos or attending a first aid/CPR course that offers hands-on training. We recommend an easy-to-follow presentation on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAWGjNAj_vA.

If you’re a business owner and you have an AED on your premises, make sure you know how to use it and have it inspected regularly. Most AEDs perform their own self-inspections, requiring businesses to merely check the status indicator for a “Ready” or “OK” message. Expiration dates on the electrode pads and batteries should also be verified. Businesses may be sued if their AED doesn’t function correctly in an emergency due to lack of regular maintenance.

Make time to learn about AEDs. It only takes a few minutes to save a life.