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CEO Viewpoint

By Keith Gnagey, CEO
Keith Gnagey

Keith Gnagey

Straight talk from our Chief Executive Officer, Keith Gnagey. These columns also appear in the Teton Valley News.

Decisions and consequences

Within hours of the 2-1 vote by our county commissioners to vacate the current ambulance service contract held by TVHC and give this service to the Teton County Fire Protection District, 20 of our EMS employees received calls from hospital leadership telling them their employment would be ending. Twenty employees and their families are now […]

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Change at what cost?

It’s interesting when you read about a situation you think you know well and see it presented in a way that is quite different from your viewpoint. Such were my thoughts in reading County Commissioner Leake’s op-ed in the April 28 edition of the Teton Valley News. I’ve been focused on how the current hospital/fire […]

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CEO Viewpoint: From Better to Best

This is not your average healthcare CEO article. I won’t trot out numbers, stats and confusing lingo. I’ll only use the word “metrics” once, and instead of looking back, I’m going to tell you what Teton Valley Health Care plans to accomplish in 2015 as we work toward becoming the one of the best rural […]

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